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Samuel Strickland

President & CEO

Samuel Strickland is a creative professional available for digital media design and development projects on the web. Samuel’s intuitive approach and creativity matched with his business experience allows for a greater scope of vision that reaches far outside the box. Services range from start to finish involvement, design only aspects, consulting or any combination of his full capabilities in digital media and beyond.

Samuel moves through life from an intuitive sense that takes form in a balanced existence. Always inspired by nature as well as fresh design, Samuel looks for the beauty in each moment and translates those perceptions into his thoughts, language and actions.

Samuel handles all the implementation elements and design aspects of a web project. From Site recreation to brand new ventures, Samuel has the ability and vision to deliver amazing results.

Jennifer Barbour


Jennifer Barbour is a professional copywriter, blogger and new media consultant. She is the chief engagement officer at another jennifer writing lab, where she helps businesses and bloggers tell their story. She blogs, she writes marketing messages, and she helps people create and manage engaging content. Blogging regularly since 2007, Jennifer has covered a variety of topics that range from parenting to alcohol and drug addiction. As a trained copywriter, she has lost count as to how many websites she has penned over the years.

Like most writers and bloggers, Jennifer’s pretty sure she can write on just about any topic and enjoys finding the hidden story within all of us. Her passions are writing, philanthropy, her awesome family and bacon, though not necessarily in that order.

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