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Looking for a WordPress website and blog? We can help!

Our extensive WordPress Website Design experience with the hugely popular blogging framework allows us to turn over the keys to savvy business owners and entrepreneurs to create content on the fly. We design and implement the website, then train the owners to take over and produce content at will. For businesses both small and large, WordPress is a premium product that can power your vision and surpass your needs for a full website and blogging platform.

Building websites with WordPress 4.0

There are several reasons we focus so highly on WordPress Design. The main one being this; it is not limited to blogging. It is also a powerful content management system (CMS) that is fully capable of producing professional scale, interactive websites that include its top-notch blogging capabilities. E-commerce or membership based community sites, forums, portfolios, client side secure data transfer, and anything in between, WordPress is a platform that can do it all.

WordPress has a very intuitive and easy to use administrator interface, enabling clients to take over their website and fully control content. It is perfect for any scale business, entrepreneur or individual to manage their web presence in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Have a layover and need to update information on your website? Log-in and you have full control at your fingertips. No calling your web developer and awaiting a response to make a simple change to text.


WordPress experts ready to help.

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Training you to use WordPress

If you can navigate the internet and send email, you can learn WordPress. Our one-on-one training with clients puts the simple administrative interface into perspective and will have you writing your own content, adding image galleries and videos in a few hours. We can train single users or multiple personnel for companies depending on your needs.

The depth in which you go into the administrative training is solely up to you based upon your needs. The basics are writing content for pages and blog posts, uploading images and linking videos. The more advanced user experience gets into Search Engine Optimization, basic design aspects like color variations and menu management, plugin management, widget layout, as well as analysing web traffic.

We love WordPress, and look forward to showing you why. If you are passionate about your web presence, we recommend taking the step into managing your own content with WordPress.

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