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Is Your Site Ready for Mobile & Tablet Devices? Do you know what your site looks like on a mobile device or a tablet? If not, we suggest you take a look. 30% of all web traffic in the U.S. comes from mobile phones and tablets. 55% of adults in the U.S. own smart phones and 47% own tablets according to the Pew Research Centre. What this means is that someone, somewhere is viewing your site on one of these devices.


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What is responsive web design? It is the ability to have ones website “respond” to the device on which is it being viewed and arrange itself accordingly so that content is fully visible, readable and enjoyable by site visitors. No more pinching and zooming on smart phones to be able to read the text. No more side scrolling to find all the content. No more visitor loss due to an unreadable design on mobile devices and tablets. The reason this is such a breakthrough in web design? Prior to this technology, website owners had to have multiple sites built to cover an array of devices. One for desktop and laptop computers, one for mobile phones and one for tablets (if so inclined). This meant huge development costs, and an even larger maintenance costs due to updating multiple sites. If a design change is made on the main site, the desktop/laptop site, it had to then be reflected on the other sites as well. You get the picture.

One Website on All Devices = Responsive Web Design

Most companies or individuals have opted out of mobile designs based on the cost alone. No more. We’ve tested, perfected and now build everything with responsive design capability and we have it down to a science. It’s not an add-on option, it’s just how we build websites. We can take your current design or create a new one and rebuild it into a responsive website. Your single site will work beautifully on every device no matter the size.

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